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Linghu Lake Scenic Area

China habitat environment example prize/Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Creative Park

  • Key Guarding the Lingjiang River

      The spot is situated at the confluence of Ruoxi Rivulet and Lingjiang River, and the Xiaoliangshan Mountain in the distance looks like a key guarding the Lingjiang River. In Renyin Year of Tongzhi Period of Qing Dynasty, Head of Taizhou County LIU Ao built a seven-storied pagoda on the mountain, which was about 40 meters high and now rebuilt into a hexagon pagoda of Ming and Qing Style.
  • Sea of Oriental Cherries

      Boasting a total area of 175,000 square meters and more than 1,500 trees, the whole forest of flowering cherries compete to bloom in March and April every year. Like clouds and sunset glows, they deliver a grand sight of “In hundreds of meters of flowers a beauty returns and a vast world of snow cherry blossom unfolds.”
  • Lakeside Gathering with Moonlight

      Comprised of Wenjin Courtyard, Deyue Garden and Chengxin House, it combines traditional dwellings of east Zhejiang province with modern elements. Built along the lake and planted with elms, hackberries and yaccas, it is elegant and well-proportioned in its architectural design. The style of classical garden reflects the “culture of scholars and refinement” in the regions south of the Yangtze River.
  • Central Island

      Surrounded by water, the peaceful island covers an area of 30,600 sqm. As the most important place for recreation, it has two principal buildings: Lvyu Mountain Villa and Canglang Courtyard.